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Home decor with a touch of Mediterranean

If your home is due for a design update but you have limited time and don’t want to break the bank, you're in the right place. We came up with few home decor ideas to get you started. With something as simple as an accent wall, colourful light bulb, throw, cushions, you can make an entire space feel fresh, on-trend but timeless, and refined. The best part? You can tackle each of these decorating ideas in one day, even though the results will look like they took way longer to pull off. If you constantly keep a vase of flowers in your kitchen or living room, extend that love for blooms throughout the house.

It's the perfect excuse to invest in a new vase for your bedroom or bathroom. Don't have any more room on your walls for art? No problem. Hang anything from paintings and sconces to plants and book holders on a shelving unit or our mirrors. If any area in your home is feeling austere, our textile throws are the easiest solution. They bring in warmth, texture, and comfort while also being super affordable and easy to move throughout your space as your needs and moods shift. Throw pillows are the easiest way to freshen up in the bedroom or living room. Introducing a new colour, print, or shape with a throw pillow can make the whole space feel new again.


For a home decor inviting and grounded environment, get inspired by nature. Think seagrass, rattan, jute, wood, brushed concrete, and marble. If the walls in a hallway are feeling tired or lacklustre, add a gallery wall. We have antique frames, mirrors and paintings.

Adding a nice floral arrangement can beautify a whole room on its own. The shapely vase, accompanying artwork, and accessories for a bathroom don't hurt either. You could sit on your couch—or you could sit on the comfiest floor pillows ever. We'll take the latter. We are ready Instantly to Transform Your Space and we have everything for this.

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